The Terminator® Breaker is a game changer when you need to break rock without blasting.


Blasting is normally the cheapest method to extract rock and ore that is too hard to dig. When it isn’t possible to blast, TERMINATOR® is the most profitable alternative.

3 - 10 TIMES

Out-performs conventional hammers on block breaking typically by 3-10 times*

*depending on rock hardness

2 - 5 TIMES

Out-performs conventional hammers on extraction, road building, quarry maintenance, heavy concrete demolition & large trenching by 2-5 times*

*depending on rock hardness


For armor stone, the Terminator® is up to 3 times more efficient (yielding 50-80% of usable stone) than blasting (yielding as little as only 20%)


gravity hammers

Terminator® out-produces other gravity hammers in block-breaking and steel reprocessing (slag and castings)

chemical breaking

Terminator® out-produces all chemical breaking methods except blasting

vibrating rippers

Terminator® out-produces vibrating rippers


The Terminator® is extremely versatile – almost any job you would do with a large conventional hammer, vibrating ripper or gravity hammer, you can do better with a Terminator.

mining hard rock

Mining & quarrying of hard rock

The Terminator can be used on most rock and is most suitable for medium strength seamed low abrasive rock. This is more than 60% of all rock used in quarrying and the majority of surface mined rock.

civil construction


The Terminator is excellent for road building and foundation excavation. Difficult ground is easily broken with the long reach & high power, hitting 5 times harder than conventional hammers even when the hit angle is near horizontal.

armor breaking

Armor stone & breaking oversize

The Terminator is highly efficient, yielding 50-80% of usable stone, compared to blasting which yields as little as 20%. For a one million tonne armor stone job this can be up to 3 million tonnes less to be quarried using the Terminator.

Demolition & excavation

Demolition &

The Terminator can break concrete of unlimited thickness and strength such as bridges and pilings, docks, power stations and military installations. For this duty the Terminator can be as much as 5 times faster than a conventional hammer.

Steel reprocessing


Slag containing steel is processed to recycle the steel back into the mill. The Terminator is ideal for this duty and can make spec sizes at 2 – 3 times the rate of other gravity hammers.


The Terminator functions by lifting a large weight, which hits the striker pin and drives it into the rock with very high impact, more than 10 times greater energy than the largest conventional hammers.

The power is fully controllable by the operator for every blow. The Terminator can hit at any angle, including upwards, without damage to itself or the excavator. The huge striker pin is great for prying and moving large boulders. Conventional hammers must be pressed hard against the rock to function. The weight and power of the carrier and boom are needed to stop the conventional hammer from pushing away from the rock. Conventional hammers damage the excavator and send shock to the operator.

The Terminator is different. It is simply rested against the rock. Large vibrations and impact loads are not transmitted through the carrier and onto the operator. The Terminator does not cause high cycling loads in the excavator hydraulic system. The Terminator does not cause damage to the hydraulic pumps, or excavator boom, or excavator frame.

Capital Cost, profit and resale

Profitability with the Terminator can be several times greater than other non-blasting methods, depending on the application. The Terminator is more profitable than blasting alternatives in almost all situations and is sometimes more economical than blasting, even when there are no blasting restrictions.

The Terminator’s minimal shock loading make it ideal for excavators near the end of their service life. This gives a big advantage in the total capital cost of the breaking combination. The major saving is in having the same production, but with 1-4 fewer excavators and operators, and much less fuel and maintenance. The sticker price of the Terminator is generally higher than alternatives. It is important to look past the sticker price, and factor in the whole capital and operating cost.

Contact Terminator for specialist information on the profit advantage for your application.With proper maintenance you will get long service life and good resale value. Terminator also preserves the life and resale value of your excavator, far better than with a conventional hammer. The wide range of uses means the Terminator can be sold out of one industry such as armor stone into another such as steel reprocessing.


The operating system of the Terminator is simple. Maintenance is accomplished without the need for specialized technicians or special tools. The Terminator does not heat up and burn seals and bushes. It does not need a lube system. The striker pin lasts many times the life of other hammer alternatives. The main wearing part is a strap which can be replaced in minutes.

With normal maintenance and the use of properly trained operators there are no expensive rebuilds required. The Terminator is equipped with a safety feature to prevent damage from excessive dry hitting. Many parts can be rebuilt when worn, which reduces maintenance and inventory cost.


Noise levels are commonly measured as total exposure over an hour. The Terminator has a similar sound power level per blow to a conventional hammer, but only hits 5% of the blows per hour. Combined with Terminator’s increased productivity which speeds up the job, total noise exposure levels are dramatically reduced.


The excavator weights listed are for mounting directly to the excavator. It is possible to mount via quick coupler and the mating parts can be made for any brand. The excavator minimum weight must be increased by 15% when using a quick coupler.


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